Leylet Hob

September 11, 2009

Laylet Houb is a classic Arabic song written originally by the famous composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab and sung by Um Koulthoum, a very important singer to Arabs in general, but to Egyptians in particular. The original version is around 50 minutes long. They used to compose songs that were a whole concert unto themselves. A shortened version was first used for dance by Souhair Zaki, a dancer who was reputed to be the first to use Um Koulthum music for Oriental dance. Of course our version is a modern remix by Said Mrad of this gorgeous old piece of music. Here are some links for you to enjoy – The full concert sung by Um Koulthum in 5 parts:

part I:

part II:

part III:

part IV:

part V:

Click on these 3 additional links for lyrics and to see Souhair Zaki dancing to Leylet Hob.

lyrics translated from Arabic
another translation with English transliteration

Souhair Zaki dancing to Leylet Hob in a film

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